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To learn more about NCAHC, download our brochure which includes summary information about our mission and vision, our annual education conference and our online resources and tool to be used by healthcare professionals and consumers in an effort to improve care to North Carolina Communities.

NCAHC Brochure NCAHC Brochure


HistoryThe North Carolina Alliance for Healthy Communities (NCAHC) began with the first meeting held on December 16, 1999 at the Grandover Resort and Conference Center in Greensboro, North Carolina. This organizational meeting was entitled "North Carolina Quality Collaboration". Attendees, now considered our Founding Members, were representatives from the four largest Health Plans in North Carolina (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina, PARTNERS, CIGNA, and UnitedHealthcare of North Carolina), which made up 82 percent of the managed care market in North Carolina at that time, a representative from the North Carolina Association for HealthCare Quality and representatives from Pfizer,Inc.

In January of 2000, the group decided to meet on a monthly basis and invited a speaker from The Foundation for Healthy Communities in New Hampshire to speak about the Pros and Cons of a statewide collaboration for Healthcare Quality Improvement in North Carolina.

These initial two meetings were the framework for the current organization. For the first time, quality professionals from major health plans, quality associations and a pharmaceutical company made decisions together, not as competitors.

In the early years, NCAHC hoped to educate, inform and help shape the future of healthcare in North Carolina through a variety of initiatives focusing on multiple health conditions, gaps in care and improving practice organizational effectiveness.  Here are some examples:

  • Obtained 501(C)3 status on August 1, 2002 as designated by the Department of Treasury's Internal Revenue Service. This designation allows us to operate under a non-profit status and assigns a federal tax ID# which is utilized during grant and donor requests
  • Hosted a diabetes education initiative which comprised a series of three educational sessions for patients which were led by Certified Diabetes Educators and held across the state in seven locations
  • Developed uniform Asthma Guidelines by bringing the managed care plans together to offer a consistent clinical process for North Carolina healthcare providers, managed care plans and people with asthma. The guidelines were adopted from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute ( NHLBI) / National Institutes of Health
  • Created the NC Preferred Drug List wall poster that contained information to help healthcare providers understand which medicines were covered by the patient's health insurance plan - this way the provider could prescribe the medicine that would treat the condition and save the patient money. This poster was distributed to healthcare professionals across the state. The information is now available online in our Prescription Drug Coverage and Medication Management Online Resource Center.
  • Developed the Preventive Health Guidelines & Recommended Immunization Schedule & Immunization Clarification Guidelines wall poster that contained guideline information for how and when to screen patient’s for certain diseases & when vaccinations were due.
  • Developed the NC Weight Management Registry, an educational, web-based, weight management resource that supported practitioners, patients and the general public in identifying weight management treatment programs and services across the state


Since 2008, NCAHC shifted our focus to improve treatment adherence by understanding and promoting awareness of this important healthcare issue and to serve as a resource for North Carolina’s healthcare providers, communities and consumers.  It is now the a non-profit coalition made up of over 30 diverse organizations that collaborate on initiatives to create and promote educational awareness and serve as a resource for North Carolina's healthcare professionals, communities and consumers.

We are very proud to have accomplished many other initiatives more recently. Here is the current list of ongoing initiatives:

  • NCAHC has been working to understand and address the problem of treatment non-adherence since 2008 when we conducted a survey of North Carolina pharmacists to better understand the extent to which pharmacists were educating their patients on adherence and providing tools and resources. 
  • In 2009, NCAHC convened an Adherence Advisory Board of approximately 25 healthcare stakeholders to discuss medication non-adherence and to gain critical feedback on the development of a five-year strategic plan to address this gap in care in North Carolina. 


  • NCAHC has been working to engage North Carolina’s healthcare providers and consumers in the Ask Me 3™ patient education program.   Ask Me 3™, a registered trademark of the National Patient Safety Foundation, is a communication strategy for better health outcomes.  The program is designed to foster clear communication between patients and providers in order to help patients better understand and act on health information.  The findings of our first initiative in partnership with Novant Healthcare were presented at our 13th Annual Education Conference - Understanding and Enhancing Communication between Patients and their Healthcare Providers
  • NCAHC Hosts an Annual Education Conference and increases awareness of the important topic of non-adherence by hosting an education series featuring various guest speakers every other month and sharing content in quarterly newsletters and other presentations / publications.  Read more.

Mission & Vision

The Vision for our organization is to: improve treatment and medication adherence for North Carolinians through a collaboration of diverse healthcare organizations.

We accomplish our Mission by: creating and promoting educational awareness and serving as a resource for North Carolina's healthcare professionals, communities and consumers.    

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